Crossy Road – the most addicting arcade game from Hipster Whale

When Hipster Whale decided on development of a new game, then just another mobile game was planned with working efforts not exceeding 6 weeks. The result has exceeded the expectations not only of the developers but of the most skeptical gaming critics. No one can believe that the simplest game would earn the hands and minds of millions of fans globally. Just take a look at the ratings and the statistics of downloads of the Crossy Road on iTunes and Google Play. More than two millions of downloads for every platform are fixed by now and this is only the beginning of the real Crossy Road global craze.

What is there in the game that makes it so addictive? Right from the start you appear in the simplified world of roads full of obstacles. You will meet a very cute little pet (you can choose from a chicken, a bunny, a koala and other mascots added with every game update). The pet needs to cross the road, but a heavy traffic makes the mission rather difficult. For the pet alone the mission is impossible to complete. That is why you will need to watch the way and tap the way through the roads to help the mascot get to another side. The mission is clear. Now let us evaluate the chances.

The road is full of obstacles. Every object causes death to your mascot. That is why you should be twice sure that the road is clear and safe for your mascot. The control of the game is simple. You should tap the screen or swipe it to any side to move the mascot.

You can move the mascot forward, backward or sidewise. Everything will not seem very easy until you know that keeping your mascot for 5 seconds in one place will attract an eagle which will snatch the character and the crossy game will be over for you.

That is why you should keep the mascot moving as well as thinking at least three steps forward to choose the best strategy for a mascot to cross the road and to complete the mission.

The Crossy Road game is absolutely free to download and play. Throughout the gameplay you will earn points which you can then convert into in-game currency. The coins are mostly used to try luck in the lottery and to win a new mascot. However, chances are rather high that you will get the same mascot as you already have. Another legal way to earn additional coins is to watch ads and commercials which will give you up to 20 coins per every view. (The tip: you can watch the same commercial for several times and each time you will get bonus coins).

If you do not feel like watching ads or collecting points or coins in the gameplay, you can pay and buy coins for money. However the game is rather simple and is so captivating that earning additional coins will not be a great challenge.

Enjoy the greatest hit arcade of 2014, get the Crossy Road on your phone!